You Want To Do What??

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     Six years ago lmy husband, children, & I were living in a new home in a new neighborhood,  I found it to be dreadfully boring, a sea of beige with garages.  I suggested to "husband" that we search for a big old (cheap) house to restore.  "You want to do what???, was his response.  "You want to move where ???" was the alarming response of my girlfriends.  Four months later we moved into our nearly 100 year old home in an old neighborhood, (translation, questionable neighborhood).  We did buy below our means so with that came a drafty home with only one barely working bathroom & kitchen (no dishwasher) little electricity, and major plumbing issues.  However with this price tag we also received high ceilings, breathtaking woodwork, beautiful leaded glass windows, and best of all, neighbors that are nothing short of extended family.  Two months passed by in our newly aquired home when I looked at "husband" and said, " I think I can open a Tea Room here."  Well, beloved, always supportive husband said, "That is something you would excell at, when would you like to open?"  I told him "six months from today!"  Others smiled at my "bright" idea and out of earshot said, "Does she have a business plan?  Has she done a market analysis? (I have to admit, I didn’t even know what that was).  I did know about antique china, cabbage rose wallpaper, fresh scones, vintage clothes, and gracious hospitality.  Needless to say, with husbands electrical liscense,his bottomless encouragement, labor, & okay, deeper pockets than mine, Ruby & Cordelia’s Fine Tea Room opened six months later with smashing success & guests from all over the world!

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