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Relationship Wisdom From Women Who've Been There
Advice from the romance trenches. Read

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Dating, Sex, & Love

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Inside the Mind of a Sex Addict
A prominent urban professional opens up about why he sought out sex online READ
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Celebrities, Movies, TV & Music

Love Over 50: Our Favorite Onscreen Couples
You’ll laugh, cry, and hopefully renew your faith in finding middle-aged love SEE SLIDESHOW
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Making Time for What Matters
Fulfilling an old vow, one woman finally stops procrastinating and gets serious about giving back READ
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Sally Kohn: Coming Out to My Parents
After Sally Kohn talked with her parents about her sexuality, the family dynamic improved READ
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18 Sexy Products That Are Secretly Healthy
The books, trips and toys that will help you enjoy every minute of it SEE SLIDESHOW
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Swimsuits & Lingerie

Sexy French-Inspired Lingerie
15 sexy styles guaranteed to shake up your lingerie drawer SEE SLIDESHOW
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Decoding Modern Love: 5 Books on 21st Century Romance
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Why monogamy is good for your brain; love stories from 50,000 strangers; an online dating guide SEE SLIDESHOW
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How to Make Friends—at Any Age
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A new city and a new job left one writer wallowing in social solitude READ
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Dating, Sex, & Love

Why Do Men in Their 40s Think I'm Old?
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Need relationship help? Rachel Greewald's here to advise READ
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Love on the Half Shell
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A couple skip the teary good-byes and spend their last night together shucking oysters READ
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Dating, Sex, & Love

6 Sexy Board Games for Couples
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Stuck in a sexual rut? Reignite the flame with one of these games SEE SLIDESHOW
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Marriage & Divorce

The Secret to Surviving Infidelity
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What causes someone to cheat in the first place? READ
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