6 Things to Avoid on a First Date

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Although it is hard to tell from my rate-a-date score, all in all, I’m very glad I went out, if for no other reason than to have done it. There is only one first date after a divorce, and I was lucky to have had it with such a nice guy. He walked me to my car, and even made a thoughtful, understanding comment about the necessities of motherhood when I pointed out that mine was the mini-van among the Lexuses and BMWs. I had considered renting a convertible for the evening but nixed the idea when I thought about how awkward it would be if we made it to date number two and I had to explain why my cool car had turned into a mommy-mobile. Obviously, I needn’t have concerned myself about the possibility of date number two.

As for showing up in that mini-van in the first place? Violation of rule number 22.

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