Are You Ready for a Roommate?

Midlifers are discovering a creative solution to the high cost of housing and living

by Matthew Solan • Next Avenue
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In some ways, Robin Kahn and Abigail Hastings were destined to live together.
They had met years before in Manhattan, when they were both married. The two women became fast friends, took vacations together, just the two of them, and arranged regular play dates for their kids.
But then, as life went on, they drifted apart. Abigail, a creative writing teacher and playwright, got divorced in 1997 and raised her son in a large loft in New York’s artsy SoHo district. Four years ago Robin, a public speaking coach for organizations, also divorced. When that happened, she turned to friends old and new to discuss her circumstances.

“I made a list of people who went through difficult divorces," she says, "and Abigail was at the top.”
After not seeing each other for several years, they met for lunch and talked and laughed and cried. At the end of the meal, as they were saying their good-byes on Broadway, Robin, then 58, mentioned that she didn’t know where she’d be living next. Her daughter had just moved 3,000 miles away and after 25 years of marriage she was all alone for the first time in decades.
Abigail, then 55, said her son had recently gone away to college and that she too was living alone in the same large loft apartment.

The words were no sooner out of her mouth than she added, “Why don’t you stay with me for a while?”

Robin’s response: “I’ll go home and pack.”

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