Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

An exercise to help you uncover your own internal offenders

by Tejpal and Dr. Carrol McLaughlin

Our beliefs have a tremendous influence on what we feel worthy of and capable of achieving. We create our beliefs based on our assumptions and experience. A belief sums up our attitudes toward different aspects of our lives. A belief can either help us reinvent our lives—or hinder us. It can either uplift us or restrict us. People often have beliefs that they’ve carried for years and are not aware of.  Beliefs that are hidden from your consciousness can control your life and prevent you from creating that which you desire. But here’s the good news: The moment you uncover any belief that hinders you, you can begin to reconstruct another reality that better serves your desire.

Some assumptions and beliefs are so alive that they resemble characters. Here are some of the worst offenders:

Mr. No-You-Can’t focuses on the blocks, on the problems, on why something can’t work. He sees only the negative and the obstacles.

Ms. Perfection believes that only when everything is perfect will she be able to manifest.

Spacey Tracie is content to just dream, imagine, and never do anything.

Mini Me always feels inadequate, incompetent and unworthy to receive.

Scaredy-Cat wants a guarantee of the results before daring to begin and is very concerned with what will happen if “it” doesn’t work.

Need D never has enough time, money, help, or whatever is necessary to succeed, and always feels lacking.

Do any of these characters sound familiar? Here’s an exercise to help you uncover your own internal offenders:

1.     Relax, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths.

2.     Which of the characters listed above (or their relatives) lives inside you?

3.     Have you seen that character operating in the lives of others around you? Perhaps in members of your family?

4.     Invite the character to have a conversation with you in your mind.

5.     Thank it for being rpesent in your life. Explain that you realize its original purpose was to help you and that you’e grateful for the powerful impact it has had.

6.     Suggest that now you need to change its role. As the character to retool and reshape the way that it serves you. Express what it is you need at this point in your life. Listen to the character’s vantage point.

7.     Negotiate an agreement on how the character can serve you. Address any objections the character may have about its new functions until you are in agreement about its new role.

8.     Agree to check in occasionally and see how everything is working. (Be sure to follow through.)

9.     Thank the character and acknowledge the change that you see in your reality.

The work you’ve done in this exercise is an important foundation for transformation and manifestation. Whereas your internal character was previously operating from a solitary and somewhat hidden place, you have now created a partnership that includes open communication. You have defined a new paradigm for yourself. You and your inner characters are now consciously co-creating your life.

Adapted from: Manifest Moment to Moment: 8 Principles to Create the Life You Truly Desire, by Tejpal and Dr. Carrol McLaughlin (Hay House, 2014).

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