How to Bust Your Rut

Sex tapes, poetry recitals, alpine tower jumps, diet switcheroos! Welcome to More's fer-crying-out-loud just-do-it-already blowout special, in which women just like you hurl themselves out of their comfort zone and into a brave new world where style, substance and unmitigated badassery abound. The rut busting starts here

by Suzanna Andrews, Karen Bergreen, Amanda Fortini, Vicki Glembocki, Sandy Hingston, Diana Kapp, Maura Kelly, Sally Koslow, Beth Levine, Emily Listfield, Mel Miskimen, Brett Paesel, Cathryn Jakobson Ramin, Amanda Robb, Pamela Redmond Satran, Thea Singer, Margaret Talbot
Tig Notaro image
Pictorial tomfoolery by comedian Tig Notaro
Photograph: Zachary Scott

Could you make a sex tape with a straight face?

Can you get answers from the dead?

How to beat a bad habit.

Would you sniff your pen to lose weight?

Could you face what's lurking in your basement?

What if you never got lost again?

Could you tweak your looks?

Could you chat up 10 strangers a day for a week?

Take your scariest leap.

Row yourself to serenity.

Conquer your technophobia.

How to retrain your brain - brilliantly.

Could you laugh away a fear?

Are you ready to ask for a raise?


Could you decorate your cake via YouTube?

Learn something new every day.

Would you run a marathon . . . on an elliptical?

Shake up your senses.

PLUS: Survey Results: The 10 Things You Want to Change (About Yourself)

AND: 71 Ways to Bust Your Rut Now

Check out comedian Tig Notaro's latest album, Live, and her podcast, Professor Blastoff. Tig has laughed in the face of cancer, she modeled for our June 2013 rut-buster package . . . and she's funny as hell!

Originally published in the June 2013 issue

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