Portrait of a Woman's Soul

Think someone is pretty as a flower?
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"My painting sits under a skylight in the hall. On bad days it gives me clues to keep going and on good days I just celebrate me. It reminds me of who I am and helps me keep true to my beautiful soul. Wars, financial crisis, divorce, cancer, menopause, and empty nesting cannot damage me. My painting screams of my vast potential and reminds me to step up. And I do."
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Britt & Steve

"The colors, especially the yellow and green stem leading to the red and purple flower, stand out immediately to me. The waves of color opening upward to the blue sky give me a sense of our present joy of our wedding weekend. The blues of the sky are a look to the future and what a beautiful life we hope to have together."
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"I have never thought of myself in a floral expression, but I was delighted to see my energy in painting that stole my heart. When I look at it, I smile, I laugh and I feel pretty."
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Artist’s Reflection

"I’ve always been aware that there’s something in an individual that’s immeasurably incredible and unique," Blehert explains. "Always aware of it, and I wanted to see it come out." Short conversations in person or over the phone are all Blehert needs to get someone’s essence and start painting.
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Artist’s Reflection

"I’ve always appreciated the beauty of women." says Blehert. "Not just their physical beauty, but the creative beauty." The project started when he set out to create a gift for a female friend.
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Artist’s Reflection

What has his work taught him about over-40 women? "There’s more of a person there," Blehert reasons, explaining that younger women are more concerned about physical appearances and post-40, a woman is more aware of the spiritual.
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Artist’s Reflection

"[This work] reminds me of how cool women are," Blehert says after thinking for a little. "There have been thousands of songs sung and statues made and you name it. There’s something about women." He’s done paintings of men, but find theirs are of landscapes or blustery scenes like waves crashing.
Photo courtesy of FlowersOfYou.com

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