Take Your Scariest Leap

Sex tapes! Poetry recitals! Alpine tower jumps! Diet switcheroos! Welcome to MORE's fer-crying-out-loud just-do-it already blowout special, in which women just like you hurl themselves out of their comfort zone and into a brave new world where style, substance and unmitigated badassery abound. The rut busting starts here

by Thea Singer
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Photograph: Shutterstock.com

My stomach churns as I stare up at the Alpine tower, a 50-foot structure from which I am about to swing.

I’m afraid of heights. But it’s Moms’ Weekend at my daughter’s camp, and if I let this contraption take me outside my comfort zone— a big theme of this camp for girls— maybe I’ll muster the confidence to finish an article that’s been giving me trouble.

Dizzy and shaking, I’m hauled up, up, up via cable by a team of campers chanting, “You go, girl!”

I squeeze my eyes shut but hear myself shouting, “Higher, higher!” Finally, I push off and plummet.

The bottom drops out of my stomach. But then: I whoop with delight, carving a 100-foot arc through the dry, hot air. I want to go again.

Thea Singer is the author of Stress Less (for women): Calm Your Body, Slow Aging and Rejuvenate the Mind in 5 Simple Steps.

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Photo courtesy of chaoss/Shutterstock.com

Originally published in the June 2013 issue

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