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by MORE.com Editors
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In the June 2013 issue of MORE, our editor-in-chief, Lesley Jane Seymour, asks, What leap would you like to take? In her editor's letter, on newsstands now, she talks about all the things she wants to do, the places she wants to see, the experiences she wants to have and the skills she still wants to acquire.

What's on your ever-evolving checklist of things you want to do? Tell us what leap you'd like to take in the comment section below.

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Debra 07.07.2013

Bringing my dreams to fruition! Happily, I'm in the process now. :)


The kids are adults now. I would like to travel by myself since I don't have close friends.

What leap would I take?
I would find my way back into being fearless.
It began in 2009, the single mom to 3 girls I was at my heaviest 230 pounds (on my 5"1 in frame) unhealthy and unhappy and afraid I wanted to change. I embarked on a lifestyle change. Changed my diet began running, lost 70 pounds and ran 2 half marathons. I found love after a very long time. In April of 2011 my beautiful middle daughter died. She died of complications that began with a sunburn. The love of a solider ended when he suffered from TBI in a bomb blast in Afghanistan in November of that same year. I lost all courage. All faith in good things, gained back 30 pounds and stopped running. I stayed in a safe but dead end job because I was afraid.
I have been struggling to come back to life, to be unafraid, I signed up and finished the London Marathon for the 2 loves and am working on me. Finding my way back to wellness and healthy living.
What do I want to do? I want to see the world! I want to make a difference for another mom somewhere struggling through grief. I want to support military families dealing with trauma and encourage healthly living. I want to beat my marathon time by several hours and I want to go back to school and I want to let love in, somewhere one day be unafraid enough to let love back into my life. I want to be unafraid.

Things I want to do. I want to be unafraid.
In 2009 I embarked on a journey of wellness. The single mom of 3 daughters; overweight (230 pounds on my 5 ft 1 frame) and unhappy I sought to change the outcome. Lifestyle changes, healthy eating and I began training for a half marathon. I lost 70 pounds, fell in love and finished 2 half marathons! In April of 2011 my middle daughter died. She died of complications that started with a sunburn and in November of 2011 the love was altered by TBI (A solider he was wounded in Afganistan). Lost and unmoored by grief and loss I gained 30 pounds, stopped running and stayed in a job that is a dead end.
Becoming fearless..
Began in 2012. Starting over. I began to run again. I began to travel. I finished the London Marathon for both of my loves.
now it becomes about rediscovering the wellness. Losing the 30 pounds and RUNNING a full marathon not just finishing one. Traveling more (I want to see the whole world)! and going back to school and finally perhaps one day somewhere along the way letting love back in, I am not sure what that looks like yet but it is a beginning and I am hopeful in it.

Roberta Codemo06.06.2013

I have already taken one leap this year -- I started my own freelance writing and web design firm.
I am taking my second leap in September. I am preparing for a solo 150 mile hike on the River to River Trail in southern Illinois to celebrate turning 50.

Teri 06.06.2013

I would like to travel more! I had my kids when I was very young and now that they are older, I'm wanting to take my first trip to Europe, visit Hawaii, and buy a travel trailer so that my hubby and I can hit the road!
Teri @ www.abeautifullittlelife.com

My youngest will be a senior in high school next year. My son just graduated from college. I see the empty nest in sight. My one big college regret is that I never studied abroad in college. This is something I would love to do in Spain or France (to work on so-so Spanish and not very fluent French.) This is a leap I would love to take!!!

Marilyn Conyer06.05.2013

I would like to leap into my own business. I have been in the corporate world for the past 30 years and ready for a change. A buyout of our company has given me the perfect opportunity to take the leap. Now I need to discover my passion and ignore the fear.

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