Whose Egg Is It, Anyway? An Embryo-Custody Battle

She’s desperate to bear a child; he refuses to be the father. While Augusta and Randy Roman duke it out in court, three embryos they created together are on ice. Welcome to the custody battle of the future.

By Louise Farr

Augusta persisted: "I said, ‘We have our whole life to learn about each other. That’s what marriage is about.’" According to Randy’s testimony, however, her admonishments sounded more like "Get with the program, or get out." It was her threat of divorce, he testified, that coaxed him back to Vicki Schnell’s office. Once again, they signed consent forms. But Randy still appeared to have mixed feelings, so Schnell asked the Romans’ therapists to weigh in. They raised a red flag.
"The counselors said there was nothing they could do," Augusta says.

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