Attracting Your Soul Mate in 2010

by Anita Charlot • Member { View Profile }
  • And if you’re looking to reconnect with your inner Goddess first to bring that FIRE back into your relationship (or you know of someone or a couple that is)…pick up this book by my girl Shanel Cooper-Sykes titled Stilettos in The Kitchen.  Making dinner has never “looked so good.”  Trust me, Domestic Goddess is a title you will RUSH to wear.
  • My favorite talkshow host Oprah Winfrey once said, “Definitely Mr. Right is coming, but he’s coming from Africa. And he’s walking.”  You will never find love playing it safe in the confines of your home.  You will never know the type of person that is great “Soul mate” material if you do not take a chance on dating in the meantime.  Only through interactions with others on an intimate level do we uncover our hidden desires as well as areas in which we need to grow within ourselves.  What are you waiting for?  Get your “ISH” together so that you are ready to receive Mr. or Mrs. Right One when they appear in your life.  Take a chance on attracting that person that may not be “perfect” but “perfectly Imperfect” for you based on your truth.  It’s time.

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