Attracting Your Soul Mate in 2010

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Isn’t it an endearing thought– having someone hold your hand, feeling safe and secure in the confines of your partner’s embrace, uninterrupted days melting into passionate nights, and being with someone who understands and loves you regardless you even when you’re at your worst?  I know what you’re thinking “That could never happen to me!”  I’m here to tell you – YES IT CAN!!!

If you’re serious about getting your “ISH” together to attract your soul mate, you will.  If are truly in touch with your authentic self and you have cleaned OUT your life, you are a prime candidate.  Great relationships have been forged by two people having done their individual personal development then meeting up at the same point in life.  You could desire particulars in another person and at that exact moment, those could be the very things someone is ready to give. And if they are in the spirit of allowing…their paths will most definitely cross.

Some people do not know how to identify a partner that comes close to their concept of an ideal soul mate simply because they do not have a clue as to what they should be looking for in the first place.  They are under the assumption that someone is going to fall out of the sky or appear “hot and smoking” like Moses and the burning bush and LOOK OUT, if they begin to like each other, it’s UHAUL and happily ever after time. Unfortunately, a true and honest deep-rooted relationship that is grounded in a solid foundation does not happen that way.

Take into account some vital points when preparing to attract your soul mate:

Know exactly what you are looking for at this time in your life; what you are willing to give and what you expect in a partner or soul mate in a relationship. Have a foresight of what you’d like your life to be and identify the key factors that you value most. What’s the level of trust, respect and commitment you expect in a relationship? What are your goals for the relationship? For yourself? When you have all these clearly identified, you will emerge from the clutter and begin to notice other people who share the same ideals that you do. Then you will seek these types of persons to interact with and probably cut ties with the ones who don’t measure up. That’s what is all about. Helping you to peel back the layers to uncover your truth.

  1. Frequent places where your potential soul mates would be spending most of their time. If you’re into some sport or hobby you wish to share with your partner, join a community, a class or a club where you can meet people sharing the same interests.  If you’re a pet lover, enrol your dog in a training class or sign up for membership in your local K9 community. You will love time spent with people who share the same passion as you do, and who knows? They might be in it too, searching for someone who shares their passion.
  2. Skip the bar scene. Most people frequent nightspots because they’re in search of something exciting, something that’s simply “for the moment”. They’re merely there for a great night out or just to pass the night away till it’s time to hit the sack. They’d entertain short-term relationships if the opportunity presents itself, so unless you’re in the market for a new “maintenance contract”, don’t dream of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right NOW in the dark.

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