Cougar Bait: 31 Younger Men We Love

Our gift to you—a feast for the eyes!

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Robert Pattinson

"It’s Robert in character as Edward Cullen in Twilight that makes me feel 16 again," confesses one MORE editor. "While I love my husband, of course, I relished reliving the heady rush of new lust."

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Channing Tatum

A former Abercrombie & Fitch model, he wasn’t cast as "Pretty Boy" Floyd (Public Enemies) for nothing. And have we mentioned that he was an Abercrombie & Fitch model?

Photo by Albert L. Ortega/PR Photos

Jake Gyllenhaal

His character in Lovely and Amazing had a fling with Catherine Keener, and he played opposite Jen Aniston in The Good Girl. It’s called experience, people.

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Daniel Radcliffe

How can you not be wild about Harry when he says things like, "I’ve been out with a couple of women who have been older than me. I think it’s the maturity thing more than anything else. . ."?

Photo by UPI Photo/Ezio Petersen

Gaius Charles

The Cougar will happily huddle with Friday Night Lights‘ The Smash anytime.

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Zac Efron

Have you seen you seen the film 17 Again? Where he starred opposite decade-older Leslie Mann? Perhaps more importantly, have you seen his abs?

Janet Mayer/PR Photos

Prince William

Because of the two brothers he’s the least likely to embarrass us and, as firstborn, most likely to make us Queen. (See, we’re already using the royal pronoun.)

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Leonardo Nam

Yes, we are into this guy from He’s Just Not That Into You.

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Hugh Dancy

He looks 25 but is actually 34, so you don’t have to feel you’re reaching directly into the cradle. Plus, he played a much younger Essex to Helen Mirren’s aging Elizabeth in the BBC version of Elizabeth’s life, and doesn’t every cougar think of herself as a queen? [See Prince William]

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Gael García Bernal

Tu mama, indeed!

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Jamie Bamber

". . . of Battlestar Galactica fame," sighs one MORE editor. "I have no specifics other than that I’m addicted to a canceled sci-fi TV series as a result of his…uh, work as an actor."

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Ryan Reynolds

He may be married to ScarJo, but he played Sandra Bullock’s love interest in The Proposal, so a gal can hope, can’t she?

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Jesus Luz

That wicked Madge toying with you? Come, tell mama all about it.

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Colin Farrell

Because he famously flirted with Dame Eileen Atkins a few weeks before she turned 70. "No," she scolded. "That would be highly inappropriate." But being hit on by Colin was "pure bliss," Dame Eileen admitted.

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Mechad Brooks

As of this writing, we’re still not quite sure exactly what his character on True Blood is up to. Maybe we don’t care. As long as the shirt stays off.

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Bradley Cooper

The Nip/Tuck cutie has been linked to both Jennifer Aniston and Renee Zellweger. A trend, perhaps?

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Taylor Kitsch

As Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights, this irresistible high school bad boy (you remember the type) has an affair with an older woman. (OK, she was only 30, but still . . .)

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Dev Patel

So sweet, so heartbreaking, in Slumdog.

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Tom Brady

"I’m a former cheerleader, so the whole [New England Patriots] quarterback thing really does it for me," says a MORE editor. "Plus, have you seen him in a tux?"

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Hunter Parrish

He actually managed to horrify his drug queenpin mother on Weeds (no mean feat) by, yes, carrying on with an older woman.

Photo: Newscom

Sam Worthington

Our Terminator hero. Next up: a co-starring role opposite awesome Sigourney Weaver in Avatar.

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Kal Penn

From Harold & Kumar to House to the White House (for real!) as associate director of the Office of Public Engagement. We do love a young man with range.

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Jay Hernandez

The star of Crazy/Beautiful and Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center was discovered in an elevator. (How come we never discover ourselves in an elevator with guys like this?)

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Shia LeBeouf

Who said, "Probably the sexiest woman I know is my mother . . . If I could meet my mother and marry her, I would."

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Adrian Grenier

His character on Entourage had a brief, hot affair with an (OK, slightly) older, much more powerful woman (played by Carla Gugino), and we’d like to keep hope alive that this could happen in real, non-Hollywood life.

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Ed Westwick

Watch him graduate from Gossip boy to broody Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights.

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Roger Federer

If he’s good enough to intrigue Vogue editor/tennis buff Anna Wintour, he’s good enough for us.

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Anthony Mackie

Superb in The Hurt Locker, and how can we not love a man who says he learned a lot about "how to love a woman" by playing a gay artist (in Brother To Brother).

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David Cook

A bartender on American Idol who plays guitar, has a scruffy beard and wells up when he talks about his family? The beer-swilling college girl inside us swoons at the thought.

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Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg

Because they were the ones responsible for the Saturday Night Live skit Mother Lover with Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson.


Ashton Kutcher

Because, after all, he’s the one who started it all.


Ready for Cougar Bait 2? Here are 30 more younger men we love!




Have we missed any of your favorites? Comment below. 

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First Published August 23, 2009

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Joan Hill04.05.2011

Yeah, you definitely missed one! Matthew Gray Gubler is absolutely exquisite!!! AND a former Marc Jacobs and American Eagle model, ranked #46 on AND from everything I've read, a hell of a nice guy!!! Do some research. Major babe :) Just Google him.

Melissa Sewell03.20.2011

I loved your feature on Men We Love. You forgot one funny man though. Jon Stewart is funny, funny, funny in a smart way. And I'm not sure where Gray's Anatomy's Eric Dane would go, but he's missing! Thanks for a fun feature.

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