2009 Cougar Holiday Gift Guide

Cougarlicious presents for all your pals.

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Signed, Sealed and Cougar-Delivered

Nothing gets the message across like this retro-style notecard. $15 for a package of 10; buy at Cafe Press
Rockgenius from Cafe Press

Picking Up the Scent

Charme for Women human pheromone perfume promises to be the "fountain of youth" for the older woman who "desires a rapport with younger men." Miracle elixir or gag gift? You decide . . . $69.50 for 1 fl oz; buy at Alpha Dream
Alpha Dream Charme for Women perfume

She’ll Drink to That!

Encourage that girlfriend in denial with a boost of liquid courage in this campy wine glass by Stir. $23.99; buy at Hula Island
Cougar in Training wine glass by Stir

Music For Cougars-Literally

Gotta love a band that releases its first CD of all-new music in six years and names it for our favorite feline. $16.98; buy at Amazon.com
Music For Cougars by Sugar Ray

What’s Cooking?

An apron for the proud cougar who loves to do some delicious damage in the kitchen. $18; buy at Cafe Press
Apron by Who’s Your Cougar?

Pucker Up

What cougar wouldn’t love a portable cub in form of a pheromone-laced lip gloss that strips when she shakes him? $19; buy at Urban Decay
Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss by Urban Decay

Cougar-tinis Anyone?

Just when we thought the marketing of cougar-themed products couldn’t get any more, um, creative, we stumble upon the Cougar Energy Drink. Contains vitamins, green tea, pomegranate extract and, of course, caffeine, and can be mixed into smoothies or even such cocktails as the "cougar libre," the "cougar-rita," and the "royal cougar." Thirsty yet? $25.99 per 12-pack; buy at Cougar Energy Drink
Cougar Energy Drink

Cougar Bling Ring

Looking to make a statement? This 14-karat gold cougar-head ring with diamond mane and ruby eyes is a conversation starter, to put it mildly. $649.99; buy at Overstock.com
14k yellow gold ring by Overstock.com

Wear It On Your Sleeve

Forget your heart-wearing this sterling silver cougar bangle on your sleeve is so much more appealing. Even your most demure cougar friend will love this subtle signal of her sexy lifestyle. $126.65; buy at Zales.com
Sterling silver cougar bangle from Zales.com

Real Cougar Comfort

Wrap up your holiday shopping with this cozy robe from Cougar Café guest writer Linda Franklin’s Real Cougar Woman Boutique. $49.99; buy at The Real Cougar Woman Boutique.
Robe from Linda Franklin’s Real Cougar Woman Boutique

Girlfriend’s Guide To Cougarhood

Who says being a cougar has to be such a stereotype? Not Cougar Café guest writer Linda Franklin, author of Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am! Linda Franklin. An ideal gift for the cougar who is ready to claim the word and own it. $15.99; but at The Real Cougar Woman Boutique
Linda Franklin’s book Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am!

And One for the Cub

A little stocking stuffer for him. Tell him the more often he wears it, the greater the reward. $22; buy at Cafe Press


T-shirt from Cafe Press

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