Cougar Couture

10 cub-catching style ideas.

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Animal Prints

Large cats are masters of camouflage in the jungle. But picking an animal print to wear on the street is the perfect way to signal the cubs that you are on the prowl. Stick to simple leopard or cheetah prints in a neutral color palette.
Photo by Pixplanete/PR Photos

Leather Leggings

Fall’s new urban safari look involves a uniform of black leather. Tight leather (or leather-look) leggings let you look strong yet sophisticated. (And they do double duty as a sort of Spanx for your legs.) To buy:

Body-Hugging Dresses

Cougars, don’t hide the results of all that hard work you’ve been putting in at the gym! Those shapely dresses aren’t just for the Gossip Girl set. Embrace a body-hugging silhouette.
Photo by Tony Lowe/PR Photos

Animal Jewelry

Flaunt your feline prowess; wear a bangle with a sexy cat on your wrist. Kenneth Jay Lane and Cartier did it best, but you can pay next to nothing and still get this timeless look. Wear alone, or stack them. To buy:

Sexy Décolletage

Whether real or fake, open-to-there or just a button or two, a peek of beautifully maintained cleavage says you mean business.
Photo by Paul Smith/Featureflash/Retna

Sky’s-the-Limit Heels

Some call them stripper heels, we say they’re the perfect solution for petite cougars who need a little boost. Try something naughty, with studs. To buy:

Selective Trend-Spotting

Know you body and wear the trends accordingly. If you have great legs, wear a mini; great arms, go sleeveless . . . have fun and take risks. It just may snag you a cub.
Photo by Janet Meyer/PR Photos

A Sleek Clutch

Consider an elongated clutch an extension of your manicured hands. Not only does it carry all the necessities, but the lack of a shoulder strap encourages you to strengthen your biceps as you squeeze it under your shoulder (just remember to switch arms from time to time). To buy:

Unapologetic Red

It’s the universal color of love, so enough with the black, navy and gray—make red the new neutral staple of your wardrobe.
Photo by Solarpix/PR Photos

Top-Drawer Lingerie

Here is one place where you shouldn’t skimp. After all, you’ve earned it. (And, if you’re lucky, so has he.) To buy: FOR ANOTHER KIND OF INSPIRATION, CLICK HERE FOR COUGAR BAIT: 32 YOUNGER MEN WE LOVE

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