Cougar? Not a Bad Thing.

Revel in it, ladies.

by Amy Hoxie • Member { View Profile }

Cougar?! No problem. I find it a compliment as I find them fascinating and gorgeous. I am flattered when my daughter’s boyfriend leans over to whisper to her that her mom is pretty. The look on my husband’s face when I enter the room ready to go out for the evening is better than any compliment he could possibly say. 

We recently went out with some significantly younger friends. They enjoy going to the clubs we now refer to as Meat Markets. We were having a good time despite the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd and suddenly my friend’s husband leaned over and apologized by saying I must feel out of place with all the college girls surrounding me.  It surprised me that the thought even occurred to him. It didn’t occur to me to that I was "out of place".  

Later my friend and I went outside to get some breathing room and fresh air for a minute. There were several young people standing outside. We stood there talking and laughing for several minutes. As we re-entered the club we heard a young man say "mom?"My friend turned around and was offended because she thought he was talking to us. She asked the young man if he was referring to us and his girlfriend spoke up to explain that he was on his cell phone and actually was speaking to his mother. She went on to say "neither of you looks old enough to be his mom!"  My friend certainly isn’t but… I am.  

Back at the table I was asked to dance a few times. Finally my friend turned to me and said, "Wow. Aren’t you just the cougar!" That was the first time I’ve been called one and it took me by surprise. She started to apologize as she thought she had offended me but I took it as just the opposite. The ladies on the show Cougar Town are certainly beautiful women. Apparently the description is for women who are self assertive, confident and happy with who they are. How can that be viewed upon as a bad thing?!

There’s the blondes, the college girls, the hunks, and the hotties. Revel in it ladies. We have a status!    

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