Lions and Tigers and Cougars...Oh My!

Admit it, it can be flattering.

by Gina McNew • Member { View Profile }

Recently there has been a lot of publicity given to the idea of Cougars. Most of us associate the terminology of a Cougar as an older woman who actively and aggressively seeks out the companionship of a much younger man.   At a recent gathering over cocktails with some friends, the topic came up and I was somewhat surprised by the reactions of my girlfriends. Although most of them found the concept offensive and negative, I find it hard to believe that any one of them would not at least be flattered by the attention of a younger man even if she wouldn’t admit it out loud.

There is another term that is tossed around as a description of a mom who would be someone their son’s friends would find highly attractive and desirable.  I personally know no Mom who would be interested in the affections of a boy young enough to be her son, but admittedly none of us wants to look like someone’s mother either and the thought of still having it does wonders for the ego. 

I recall an incident when my son surprised me by showing up at a restaurant where I was celebrating my recent birthday with some girlfriends. He came up behind me, tapped me on the shoulder and presented me with a beautiful long stem rose. As I stood up to hug him, I noticed his friend standing alongside him. He was a very handsome young man. Ryan was going around the table making introductions for his friend when my best friend jumped up and said, “Hi, I’m Mrs. Robinson” and gave him a hug. A major hint of the age difference is neither young boy caught on to her joke or the fact that Mrs. Robinson was a cougar long before cougars existed.

The following morning while attempting to get enough coffee in to my system to make up for the late night out with the girls, I was definitely feeling every bit my age. My son appeared in the kitchen and proceeded to tell me about a little misunderstanding that had taken place between he and "TJ" as they were leaving the restaurant the night before.  Ryan said, “Mom, TJ said he would bag you.” Okay, don’t laugh, but for just a moment I was feeling as giddy as a young school girl and proud of still having it. I sat up a little taller in my chair and brushed the hair out of my face while secretly feeling a bit amused by my son’s obvious jealousy and need to come to my honor by reminding his friend that he was talking about his mom! The feelings quickly disappeared however and my true age returned as my son finished the story by telling me TJ immediately clarified his comment by explaining he often bagged my groceries at the store where he worked. OUCH!!! 

 Recently I ran in to TJ at that same grocery store only he is no longer an employee, but a young man home from college who had stopped in to do a little food shopping. He insisted on helping me out to the car with my groceries. As we walked through the parking lot I couldn’t help but smile while silently enjoying the words Coo Coo Ca-Chu Mrs. Robinson. 

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