Love After 40

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     Three summers ago as a National Writing Project participant for English teachers, I was given the assignment of writing a piece for publication.  The purpose was to be able to follow the steps with students later during the school year. Having been single for many years and stuggling on and off with the contemporary dating scene, I decided to write an article about my expericences with internet dating.

    I had met some nice men during my intermittant periods of pursuing Mr. Right througth various internet dating services.  But I also encountered several not so great finds.  Taking what I considered to be a pretty extensive history, which I was reluctant to admit to anyone, I set out to advise others that, "You Can Never Meet Anyone of Substance on the Internet."  That was to be the title of my article which would have been full of interviews, personal experiences, and advice to how to date on the internet.  Except the article was never written.

   Armed with all my facts and figures, I cancelled my brief membership to  I had dated a couple of guys, both losers.  Because I did not cancel to prevent further billing, I had an extra month to winks to endure.  Since I was no longer interested and had vowed never to submit another profile, even if it meant I would spend eternity alone. Day after day until the last day of my contract, I deleted every contact without even looking or any other response.  Until I saw arkhunt777.  That wink would change everything.

     Twenty four hours before my membership ended, I responded to a wink from arkhunt777.  I guess I thought he might a history buff interested in the ark of the covenant.  I opened the profile.  He was cute, a lot younger than me by twelve years.  I would later find out that during that same twenty four hours, Jason expanded his searches to include women up to age 50.  I was 48 at the time; Jason was 36.  

   We began our communications on a Sunday and had our first date that Friday night.  It was the best first day I ever had.  We went to dinner then back to my place because Jason had promised to teach me to play Texas Hold’em and watch the football game.  Somewhere between dinner and my beginner’s luck, I was hooked.  I knew he was the one.  By Sunday afternoon the deal was sealed.  Four months later we were married.

    That was three years ago.  The chemistry is still just as intense. We have been through a lot of changes with regards to family and careers.  The article was never written.  Although I do give advice to those who want to try internet dating, I don’t tell them that it is impossible.  I never dreamed the kind of happiness I have found with Jason.  My advice to people now is to hold out for the perfect match, no matter where it happens.

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