National Single Cougars Convention Snapshots

Caught in the act: Cougars and cubs converge in Palo Alto—slideshow.

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A cougar approaches, her prey swoons.
Photo by Adair Lara
The keynote address, where we learned that the cougar queen would win a (chintzy!) three-day cruise, and a cougar couple led us through brisk exercises (more of which we could experience if we called the number on the business card left on everybody’s chair).
Photo by Adair Lara
The LBD was de rigueur in Cougar Country.
Photo by Adair Lara
Alan, 26, and Leo, 24, were two cubs happy to be photographed. Jay, 25, and Ryan, 24, two techies from Silicon Valley (the only major metro spot with a surplus of straight young men, I’m told), were more shy. "It’s Friday night," the group claimed. "We’re here for the entertainment." (Yeah, right.)
Photo by Adair Lara
A pride of cougars: Edith, 48, Leslie, 42, Emilia, 45, and a shutterbug friend. A pretty woman named Sabrina, 43 (outside the frame of the picture), told me, "I haven’t had much luck with older men. They seem stuck." Too stodgy for Sabrina’s taste. Francine, 55, put it more bluntly. "I’m more attracted to younger men," she says. "My boyfriends have to be young." WANT TO SEE 32 YOUNGER MEN WE LOVE? CLICK HERE FOR COUGAR BAIT _Read Adair’s full report (at least, until she got tired and went home for Ovaltine) on the National Single Cougars Convention.
Photo by Adair Lara

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