Reinventing Romance: Dating to Date vs. Dating to Marry’s dating expert, Sherry Amatenstein, on dating to date versus dating to marry — and why either one may be just right for you.

By Sherry Amatenstein
I’m willing to see if a relationship has potential but I’m not crushed if it doesn’t. I won’t twist myself into a pretzel trying to turn Mr. Inappropriate into Mr. Right."For many women, trying to maintain a casual mind-set becomes difficult once sex enters the room. Debbi, the divorced social worker, reveals how she was able to shift from pouring herself whole-heartedly into every new relationship. "I bought a vibrator. It’s easy to enjoy uncommitted dating now that I can take care of business at home!"For help answering your toughest dating-related questions, e-mail Sherry at and your question might be featured in an upcoming column.Check out Sherry’s second book, Love Lessons from Bad BreakupsCheck out Sherry’s first book, The Q&A Dating BookOriginally published on, March 2007.Single? Check our MORE Dating here.


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