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Karen 05.26.2012

I am married to a man 10 years and 6 months my junior. I first met him in 1998 at work when I was 36 and he was 26. We were casual acquaintances and saw each other infrequently in passing. My son was 20 and I was not even slightly interested in being in a relationship with a man who was so close to my son's age. Over the next eight years I saw and worked around my husband, and we became closer as friends. He and I were in relationships with other people. In 2006 we were both single and began dating. We discovered that we are alike in many ways and have much in common. He was 33 and 44 when we married. My son was 27. The closeness in their ages didn't seem to be an issupue any longer once my son was so much older. Funny thing though, my son still thinks I am so old, and my husband thinks I am so hot!!!!

JOAN WITANEN02.28.2012

Life is funny. When I was 7 years old, I broke my two front teeth! (That of course was not one bit funny)! After I had to have two major root canals, they turn brown. (Yes, the color of "mud") Or, what others decided was the color of "cigars"-hence my new nick name "Cigar Teeth". Boy, kids are mean...aren't they? So as you can imagine, not only did I never smile again for a school picture, but didn't get to know what it felt like to "flirt". I was surely "doomed" until my senior year when I turned 17 and could finally get them fixed and capped! "YEAH" I might have missed out on back then on how to get a guys attention, (and prom), but that's how I learned that "all good things come to those who wait"!:-) By my 10 year reunion I was happily married to my hubby (of 25 years now) and was voted "Best Looking"?? ME?? But by then I didn't even have to "flirt" but "fight" all the guys off practically! And now? I will be 50 years this year with two teenage daughters. When I got to worrying about getting old, my youngest said to me.."Are you kidding MOM"?! "Do you know how many of my guy friends think you're a "WTF MOM"?? OK, I may be new at texting, but that is NOT a compliment at all and know what those three letters mean!! What I didn't know was in my case the W meant "WANT"...and the T means "to"!!! NOT "what or the"!! lol From then on, I didn't feel so old!:-)

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