Welcome to the Cougar Café!

Pull up a chair, have a laugh, join the conversation.

Lesley Jane Seymour • Editor
Photograph: Photo by Greg Delves.

When we first heard the term “cougar,” we thought it was kind of cute. Then we started to get kind of tired of it, especially when people used it to describe women who were only, say, five years older than their mates. (I mean, come on!) We even called for a “More-a-torium” on the word back in October 2008.
But you know what? The “cougar” label is apparently here to stay. So if people are going to stick us with it anyway (and goof on us on Saturday Night Live), fine. We have a great sense of humor, and by this point in our lives we can certainly laugh at ourselves. So we’ve decided to just step up and own this particular “c” word, already. To redefine it. And, most of all, to have some fun with it.

This section on More.com will be devoted to all things cougar—that special relationship between older women and the younger men who love them. We’ll be featuring news, reviews, interviews, personal stories (contribute your own!), essays, humor, attitude (we know you have plenty of that) and lots of other fun stuff. (Have I mentioned our “Cougar Bait” slideshow, a salute to more than 30 younger guys we love?)

So come on in, pull up a chair, have a laugh and join the conversation.

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