Yes, I'm a Cougar

"I’m happier than I’ve ever been."

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Our wedding day

I met my husband online at My previous husband had died the year before and friends and family encouraged me to start dating again. Before I joined the dating web site, I did a quick search to see who was "perfect" for me in my area. My now husband was first on the list. I couldn’t see his whole profile without joining, but it said he was 33. That’s 16 years younger than me. And his first name was the same as my previous husband, Chris. My mom freaked a bit about the name and the age.

I waited a couple of more months, then joined and sure enough, Chris came up as my first profile. So I messaged him through the web site. I didn’t hear back right away, so I communicated with some of the other top picks and weeded my way through "winks" and messages I got. Some were very lewd, some stupid and most were men way older than me, even though I put in my profile 35-55 only as my interest and only in New England.

I actually had men from New Mexico and Florida messaging me. Um, hello? It’s obvious they just went by my photo and didn’t read my profile.

Chris finally replied to me and we began an online conversation. It would take days for him to get back to me. I found out he was divorced, had two children by his ex wife and one by an ex girlfriend. He’d wanted to move up to Maine, where I lived, for a long time. My age didn’t bother him at all.

We graduated to phone calls and soon were on the phone for hours at a time. He worked for a landscaping company in Massachusetts, three hours away. Too far for his truck, which was falling apart.

In the meantime, I went out with some of the guys I’d communicated with on the dating site and none felt right.

Chris and I finally met at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire in August of 2007. He was tall, blue blue eyes, short gray hair and really cute (at least to me). We had lunch, rode around in my car along the beach, then when it was time for him to go, he hugged me tight. I had butterflies in my tummy.

When he called that night, he told me he’d wanted to kiss me, but thought I would be offended. I told him I wouldn’t have been. Three days later, he drove up to my house at 2 am, telling me he couldn’t wait to see me again.

Call me crazy, but I let him in and things progressed from just kissing…

On September 16th, at a friend’s wedding reception (Chris was my date), he asked me to marry him. I said yes on the condition he’d move in first and we’d wait. He did and we got married on June 7, 2008.

I love being married to a younger man because he makes me feel and act young. He started his own landscaping/plowing business up here and business is booming. I am happier than I’ve ever been and can’t believe I’m a stepmom – I never wanted kids, but it’s fun having them come up to visit when they can.

I can’t imagine life without him. He’s my soul mate and still gives me butterflies every time he touches me.

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Linda Green03.19.2011

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