9 Ways to Be Married: Explained

It's one thing to say "I Do"—and another to keep on doing. At a time when statistics show many forces working against it, how does marriage continue to thrive? MORE talks to a variety of women in committed, if sometimes unconventional unions about how they choose to tie their knot

by Doren Allen
Photograph: Jens Bonnke

The duty roster Scott likes me to take care of the money. I don’t want that responsibility, but he works hard, and you have to make some sacrifices. I don’t feel like a Stepford wife. We’re a team; he does his part, I do mine. My job is having food on the table—although he loves to cook, and he also scrubs toilets.

The balance of power We share decisions about things like child rearingand finances. Scott doesn’t have veto power because he earns more. In fact, I have veto power. Our marriage is a little bit ’50s, but it’s 2013, too.

First published in the March 2013 issue

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