Lust in Translation: A Global Guide to Adultery

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In her book "Lust in Translation, Pamela Druckerman writes: 

People everywhere may have the same menu of emotions. But cultural scripts teach us which emotions to invoke on a particular occasion. A married Japanese woman was confused when I asked her if she felt guilty about having a lover. ... A Frenchman was taken aback when I asked whether he had gone into therapy to sort out his double life. In fact, he had dropped out of therapy soon after meeting the woman who became his mistress, since he was finally happy…

When Americans do cheat, it gets very messy. Adultery crises in America last longer, cost more and seem to inflict more emotional torture than they do anyplace else.

Americans are such poor cheaters that we’re even prone to suffer during the act of extramarital sex. I didn’t’ find any other country whose citizens get naked with their lovers but specifically don’t’ have intercourse, so that they can semi truthfully tell themselves and their spouses they didn’t have sex. What’s the point of having a secret love affair if you’re going to spend most of it feeling guilty?

TELL US! Are you cheating?  (Cheating in your heart?) And exactly  how guilty do you feel?

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