Meet The Love Goddess

The Love Goddess, a.k.a. Dalma Heyn
Photograph: Adam Litt

A year ago, Dalma Heyn, a psychotherapist and the author of three bestselling books on love, marriage and sexuality (The Erotic Silence of The American Wife, Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women into Wives and Drama Kings: The Men Who Drive Strong Women Crazy) discovered her alter ego, the Love Goddess, a being who is committed to helping women create joyful, loving relationships—but always without compromising themselves. The Love Goddess now blogs in cyberspace, answering mortals’ questions about dating, sex, marriage and love affairs. Here, for the first time, Dalma Heyn talks about her reinvention as the Love Goddess, and gives viewers a sampling—with more to come—of her avatar’s ancient wisdom.
Q: Welcome, Love Goddess! First, a question for your mortal oracle. What’s it like to reinvent yourself as a divinity?
Dalma Heyn:  Omigoddess.  Adding divine intuition and celestial understanding to my meager skills as a mere mortal hugely benefits the people I want to help! They want, more than ever, a higher level of love—and to uncover a deeper, truer part of themselves.

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