My Christmas With His Mistress

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The Christmas holiday came in the midst of what would soon become a very messy and  excruciatingly long divorce.  You see just months before, August to be exact, my husband of 19 years dumped me in an email, yes I did say an email.  I had been living out of state with our middle child in order to pursue his acting career for a little over two years.  It was during the planning of a visit home, the night before actually, that I received the horrible email that said “When you come in town you should stay somewhere else.  I know this is not what you want to hear, but I no longer love you.”  Then to make matters worse he requested that I hold off on starting the divorce until he could afford it.  He recommended possibly after the first of the year.  I called a lawyer a week later, and thirty days later he was served.  Just prior to my meeting with the lawyer is when I found out the truth, the reason for this sudden loss of love, a wife’s biggest fear, another woman.  But this would turn out to be more than just another woman, this was another family, another life and another home complete with pets and grandchildren.  I had discovered that my husband had been living a double life for what looked like ten years.  As the meetings with the lawyer progressed more and more information would be uncovered.

As the holiday’s were quickly approaching during this dreadful time we were forced to continue living in our family home.  Since neither of us would give up the right of being “residential parent” the court had to arrange what they call a mediation session in order to teach us how to agree with each other and come to a mutual decision.  So you can imagine how insane every day life would be being in the same house, but then throw in the holidays and you now have a complete mess!  Ninety percent of the time when a couple is going through a divorce they separate first and live apart from each other, which makes it easier to get through all the pain and emotions that are associated with the circumstances.  Not the case for me.  Day in and day out I had to look at him, hear his voice, his laugh and some days it seemed like he was flaunting his presence.  The worst of it was knowing when he was on the phone with her or knowing that he stopped by her place before coming home.  It’s like I had this mistress being thrown in my face seven days a week for months.  Every once in a while the family parrot would yell out her name as if calling for her.  I realized not only was I betrayed by my husband but also the damn bird!! I wondered if the bird knows her that well is there more to this story that I am not aware of?

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