My Wife's in Menopause: A Man's Tale

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I have been in many relationships with women over the years. I have been married to a wonderful woman for the past 30 years. Taking all of that into account you would think I would have some idea on how to deal with the many varied aspects of the female gender.

I have learned that a man never has the last word and if he does it won’t be the right word. I know that in a relationship with a woman the man is truly never in charge, even though he may think he is.

I have dealt with man’s greatest nightmare; five words that will make a masculine, bad ass man cringe and cover. The mention of this phrase to a man by a woman will immediately make the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. Those five words are " that time of the month". This is a time when a woman goes through changes and mood swings that resemble a scene from Poltregeist.

Man hasn’t got a chance.

After a "period" of time I have learned to live and cope with this natural phenomenon and even begin to accept and help my wife deal with what was happening with her female body. I have made willing sacrifices to be part of the relationship with her. It takes commitment and love for a man to stand in line at Long’s by himself with a box of Tampon’s. It takes even more strength to endure when the lady at the checkout counter gets on the loudspeaker and asks for a price check on Tampon’s on checkout number three.

I am a mature adult male and have come to terms with " that time of the month". All is well with me. Life is good. Relationship is good. I am on top of the world. Nothing can bring me down.

Then without warning, the "M" word enters my life. Menopause.

"That time of the month" seems like a cake walk compared to these new mood swings, hot flashes, cold chills, and the I-will-bite-your-head-off episodes that have now entered my life. Here is a survival tip for all men entering the minefield of the female menopausal twilight zone. When her ears begin to turn a bright crimson red and her breathing becomes louder you have about thirty seconds to evacuate the area before you become a male target for all wrongs to women, real or imagined.

I came to terms with " that time of the month". I will come to terms with menopause.

I will support and help my wife through this phase of her life even if it means living life as a male target. It has been some months now and I have adjusted.  All is well with me. Life is good. Relationship is good. I am on top of the world. Nothing can bring me down.

It’s the end of the day. The wife and I are sitting down enjoying each other’s company. These are the moments we can be a couple but also be one. My wife has been tired lately and out of concern I ask her if she is all right? She say’s " I’m O.K. it’s been awhile but I think it is "that time of the month" again.

"We’re past that! We’re in menopause now!"  I scream out.

She looks at me and chuckles. "I’m going through lots of changes. It’s possible to have "that time of the month" and "menopause" at the same time."

Why are men always the last to know?

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