The Sex Organ That Won't Ever Age

The breasts may sag, the belly may bag, but when it comes to pleasure, there’s one body part that won’t let you down.

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Recently, I came across a hitherto unknown (to me) bit of trivia about the female body. Turns out that the breasts may sag, the belly may bag, the butt may drag, but when it comes to pleasure, the Goddess upstairs decided to make up for all that by giving us a little gem, the, ahem, clitoris. Not only does the clitoris have twice as many nerve endings as a man’s penis (its anatomical equivalent), it also never ages. From birth until death, the female ‘fun button’ is there at your, er…his service. (For more clitoral fun facts, click here)

Besides putting a smile on my face, this factoid reminded me of the history of the vibrator. It turns out that back in the day when a woman was diagnosed with ‘hysteria,’ she went to her local physician for treatment. And he (mind you, this is over 100 years ago, when women were not yet doctors) would then proceed to stimulate her until she had an orgasm. You read correctly. Her doctor would massage, tickle, rub and titillate a female patient’s genitals until she climaxed. How do you spell relief?

But masturbating can take time, and a busy doctor’s schedule didn’t always accommodate rubbing her parts. That is when a man named Kelsey Stinner put his creative juices to work, and invented a device to do the same: the vibrator. By the late 1880’s, you could actually find vibrators in all the major catalogues, like the Ladies Home Journal, JC Penny’s and Sears Roebuck. Tis true; I would never joke about something this sublime (check out the slideshow below for some fun evidence to all of this).

New like this can put the ‘O’ in your ‘jOy’ at a time when we all need it. We know that this pint-sized and shy (most of it is hidden from view) part of the woman’s body is a mystery, and some valves need more tending to than others. And that is why we also appreciate every man who has mastered the gentle art of clitoral persuasion, as well as the invention of what some may call, the greatest gadget ever made. But I’ll leave that up to each reader to decide, of course!

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Mark 03.22.2011

Well written!....Good job!

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