From Widowhood To Dating Again

by Kim DeMeritt • Member { View Profile }

Well after 2 years of grieving decided it was time to date again.  Now mind you I had not dated for 22 years so it was very hard for me and a whole new world to me.  So many times looked up to the heavens and asked why God!  Had to learn about many things and most I did not like.  Whatever happened to getting to know somebody and then going forward?  Must have dated around 8 guys in a year as they were just not right.  Would not let them meet my kids unless we were serious.  My kids would look at their mother getting dressed up and watch the transformation from the "mom" to a date. They got used to it.  Tried online dating and that seemed to fail.  Took a shot at online dating for the last time and then decided I was done after that.  Well, this great guy came along and he was the one.

Our first date was 6 hours long at a restaurant and we married 3 months later.  He is a great guy and loves my kids like his own who are older, 19 and 21.  I am happy in love and the kids have adjusted and truly believe they love him.  We are still struggling with finances, believe we have what we need basically and will get more as time goes on.  It is not easy raising a large family.  I am very fortunate to find a guy who is willing to take on this crew.  I loved my first husband but this relationship is different.  He thinks of me more than my husband did before our kids.  Now the laughter and fun is back in our lives with my new husband and see the changes in my kids.  They are so much happier now.  I don’t know what the future holds for this family. Hope and pray my husband will be with me for many, many years.  Just trying to laugh, relax and enjoy life again.


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