Winter aphrodisiacs

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With winter officially begun, now’s the time to turn up the heat, literally and for fun. One way is to enjoy your favorite holiday foods, knowing that many aren’t just tasty. They are also aphrodisiacs.

For the doubters among you, keep in mind that part of the allure of aphrodisiacs is in the eye of the beholder (or should I write the mouth of the eater?). A pomegranate may just be a lovely red orb to some, but to others the fruit inspires winter fantasies of luscious nature, and many a lover has teased a special someone with ordinary fare turned extraordinary with intention. That’s half the fun. Eating them is sexy because of the shapes, smells, flavor and innuendo – and doing to the edible, what one would like to do unto one another.

Modern Love is all about conscious love which goes hand in hand with conscious eating.  The French may do this best; they’ve turned epicurean delights into a world-wide reputation. That French flair for food inspired a favorite Disney flick, Ratotouille, which taught us that, ‘anyone can cook’ (even a unassuming four legged rodent named Remi).  All cinematic fantasies aside (or keep them if that’s your speed), I say anyone can appreciate cold weather aphrodisiacs. It just takes imagination, and a little research, which I’ve done for you, to know how certain foods are good for your lust life. Starting with asparagus, and including mustard (surprise!), click here for a slide show and explanations.  Bon Appetite!

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