Change Your Attitude or Zip Code

Until a time machine is built, you have to find a normal retirement that's workable for you. 

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Photograph: iStock

The old saying that retirement/old age is not for sissies is certainly on target. Women across the world have spouses retiring, and the women in their lives start working, stay working, start school, or start volunteering. This is to protect our sanity. We used to have shared stories of our day; there used to be time alone. But that's done. The new reality is nothing like the picture that I had growing up, believing was my future. For me, my darling spouse growls, snarls, and snipes at me every step of the way through the day. You’re in pain, you’re frustrated, you’re angry, you’re bored, and you want your life back to how it was 20 years ago. Until a time machine is built, you have to find your way to a normal that's workable for you. I guess that's my polite way of saying: "change your attitude or change your zip code."

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