Get a Move On: 20 Great Retirement Cities

Crave sun, mountains, small towns, big cities or foreign lands? Fortune magazine breaks it down

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter news image

Retirement doesn’t have to mean simply transitioning from a life filled with office hours to one spent at home. No, today’s baby boomers are seeking out new cities to move to after they leave their jobs, Fortune reports, and they aren’t just considering old standbys like Arizona and Florida.

“Retirees today are looking at it with a sense of adventure as opposed to a sense of inevitability,” Maria Dwight, a retirement consultant, tells the magazine.

Fortune put together a list of 20 cities that rank high in everything from sunshine to hiking and biking trails, art and restaurant scenes to job markets, for those who wish to keep clocking some hours. Then the magazine broke things up into five categories: sunny places, small cities, big cities, mountain towns and foreign locales.

  • Looking for fun in the sun? Fortune suggests Santa Fe, New Mexico; Napa, California; Sarasota, Florida; and Sedona, Arizona.
  • Prefer a smaller city? The magazine recommends Charleston, South Carolina; Madison, Wisconsin; Hanover, New Hampshire; and Richmond, Virginia.
  • Mountains over the beach? Good options for snow sports, golf and arts scenes are Bend, Oregon; Burlington, Vermont; Fort Collins, Colorado; and Sun Valley, Idaho.
  • Crave the bright lights of the big city? New York, Boston, New Orleans and San Francisco may be pricey, but they can’t be beat for culture and great restaurants.
  • Wanna try your luck abroad? Cuenca, Ecuador; Bangkok; Panama City; and Paris offer adventure and beauty.

So is it too early to start checking out condos?

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