The Retirement Math That Matters Most

Modern times call for age-old equations, including one that dates to the discoverer of Halley's Comet

by Richard Eisenberg • Next Avenue

Let's face it: retirement planning is no fun.
Estimating how much money you'll need to retire comfortably — whatever "retire" and "comfortably" mean these days — not only takes time, it can be downright depressing. Maybe that's why I chuckle when I see that TV commercial with the guy telling his neighbor that he figures he'll need a gazillion dollars to retire.
Milevsky Makes Money Funny

Moshe Milevsky, a whipsmart finance professor at York University in Toronto with a knack for making the topic of money funny, feels your pain. In his new book, The 7 Most Important Equations for Your Retirement, Milesvsky regales readers with fascinating stories about the oddball geniuses who devised the principles of retirement planning — and ways to put the equations to use.
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