Retiring Regally

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I’m a list person, someone who is most efficient when I have an outline of steps to follow.  Yet with all the success I’ve had in my life I can’t seem to get a handle on planning for my retirement.  I’ve been an educator for more than thirty years and now that I have all but one child through college I’m looking forward to mapping out a path where I can pursue my writing passion, while paying back college costs and preparing for the last set of four years, for my son now entering tenth grade.  In the grandest of schemes I want to start my own school, using the profits from my best-selling book sales, own 100 acres of farmland where I can create writing retreats, and still have space where my husband can set up automotive related projects and trails for dirt biking and go carts.  Yes, these are extensive plans and getting them all done will only happen if I have a plan delineating, an effective strategy showing how I can have the time to daydream and make most of those dreams come true.

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