Survey: Condoleezza Rice Should Have Been on Romney Ticket

Swing voters would have preferred the former secretary of state over Paul Ryan, survey finds

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Think you might’ve liked the sound of a Vice President Clinton or a Vice President Rice? Apparently swing voters would have, too.

Affinnova, a market research and innovation software and services company, used their “optimization software” to identify the best possible ticket from more than 100 million combos of vice presidents, platforms, slogans and candidate image for a new survey. Results showed that swing voters would have liked to see Mitt Romney select Condoleezza Rice as his running mate, and President Barack Obama choose Hillary Clinton as his VP.

The survey also found a Romney-Rice ticket would have out-performed a Romney-Paul Ryan ticket, and that Clinton performed nearly as well as current Vice President Joe Biden, which, the release notes, is unusual for an incumbent.

Is anyone taking notes for 2016?

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