More Money, Longer Life?

Study shows those who are poor die younger than the well-off

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Want to live longer? Some studies say you should exercise more. Or drink coffee. Or buy a pet. Here’s a new one: Make more money.

MyHealthNewsDaily reports new research shows the wealthy live on average five years longer than the poor.

“Life expectancy is dramatically impacted” by income, Justin Denney, a study researcher from Rice University, tells the website.

For the record, the average life expectancy of Americans born today is 78.49 years (it was just 47.3 in 1900, 59.85 in 1930 and 77.7 in 2006), according to MyHealthNewsDaily. By 2055, the age should be up three years or so, the website adds.

Sadly, taking on a second job to get wealthier probably won’t help matters in the long run. We’ll stick with drinking more coffee—but we’ll buy a lottery ticket with our next latte.

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