Would You Rather Be a Millionaire or Have a Hot Body Forever?

Show-me-the-money takes a backseat to show-off abs.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Truly, it’s a question for the ages: Would you rather be rich or be thin?

Honey, being skinny enough to strut around in a Herve Leger bandage dress is all the riches we need. And, it turns out, almost a quarter of the Americans who took part in the Diet Index survey, sponsored by NutriSystem, agree. If given the choice of winning $1 million in the lottery or keeping a dream body for life, 22 percent say they want to have their cake and eat it, too—as long as it stays off the hips after it hits the lips, according to a press release.

Just don’t ask us to discuss it, please. The Diet Index found 36 percent of those married or in a serious relationship would rather share their sex-partner number than the number on the scale. Seventeen percent cop to lying on everything from driver’s licenses to ID cards and gym and diet forms. And half crop their Facebook pics to hide their bodies from the waist down.

We know from PhotoShop.

So just what does this dream body we seek look like? Women agreed it would be made up of Michelle Obama's arms (22 percent), Jennifer Lopez's legs (24 percent) and booty (20 percent) and Jessica Alba's abs (11 percent).

No fair. They’re all rich and thin. 

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First Published May 27, 2011

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