The Risky Path to Courage

How do you keep your fears from shrinking your world? And when is it time to reach for freedom? One woman takes herself deep into the jungles of Bangladesh to confront the snakes that haunt her dreams. Click here to watch behind-the-scenes footage from our photo shoot featuring live snakes

by Holly Morris
woman snakes image
Photograph: Phil Toledano

I take a deep breath. He puts the snake around my neck. It wraps, one head cuddling my jugular, the other tentatively exploring my cleavage. My eyes are shut and my heart races.
I can’t open my eyes.

I just can’t.

Suddenly in my head I hear the words spat at me by my grandfatherly guide on a particularly sheer edge of the Matterhorn, when I was frozen in fear and exhaustion: “You are a tough girl! Action! Action!”

I open my eyes.

And the world gets bigger.

Holly Morris is a host of Globe Trekker. The series tied to her book Adventure Divas: Searching the Globe for a New Kind of Heroine is available on DVD.

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Watch: Behind the Scenes of "The Risky Path to Courage"

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