Robin Roberts’s Sister Is a Perfect Bone Marrow Match

It was the news that ripped Sally-Ann Roberts’s heart into pieces: Her younger sister, “Good Morning America” host Robin Roberts, had breast cancer. Years after Robin fought off the disease (and Sally-Ann did the happy dance), devastating news came again: The cancer was back, only this time it was in Robin’s blood. Sally-Ann, herself an anchorwoman, is about to help her sibling kick the big C’s ass by giving her the gift of a lifetime—a bone marrow donation. Read the edited version of our interview with Sally-Ann below

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
sally-ann roberts image

More: Sounds as if you are on a mission here too.
SAR: Yes [laughs]. My two missions in life are bone marrow and mentoring! That should fill up my plate.

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Maricia Johns09.11.2012

Here is an article that talks about the power of sisterly love. Take a look and enjoy.

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