Actress Megyn Price Races Triathlons at Age 40

When 'Rules of Engagement' star Megyn Price gave birth to her first child, her goal wasn’t just to be a good mom. She also wanted to challenge herself and do something just for her: compete in triathlons. Below, in the edited version of our interview, learn how she did it and what motivates her to keep going.

by Nicole Papantoniou
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Megyn Price

More: How was the Nautica New York City Triathlon you participated in on August 7, 2011?
Megyn Price: It was insane!

More: How are you feeling?
MP: I feel surprisingly fine. I also feel like a total champion because I did it even though I was terrified. There was just something about the rainy weather; I was on a rented bicycle and the Nautica New York City Triathlon was a much longer-distance race than I’ve ever participated in before. I got really scared the night before, but I did it anyway. It was a really good lesson for myself: When you’re scared, just do it anyway!

More: What was the race like?
MP: First, you swim a mile in the Hudson [River], then you bike 25 miles on the West Side Highway. After that, you run down 72nd Street and run six miles in Central Park.

More: How long did it take you to finish the entire triathlon?
MP: It took me 3 hours and 32 minutes. I finished in the middle pack of my age group. My husband finished in just under three hours.

More: Did you and your husband race most of the triathlon together?
MP: No, none of it. The men start before the women. So we gave each other a kiss, said good luck and each had our own races.

More: What motivated you to do the Nautica New York City Triathlon in particular?
MP: I used to live and work in New York; I did "Lateline" there with Al Franken a long time ago. New York City is my favorite city on the planet, and I thought this race was really impossible for me to do. So I found the thing I thought I couldn’t do and I did it.

More: What made this triathlon seem impossible compared with the others?
MP: To swim in the Hudson River for one thing! Also, the distance is what they do in the Olympics, so it seemed too big and difficult. And I don’t ride in the rain. We don’t have rain here in Los Angeles. So the race really seemed out of my reach. But I guess that’s my new mantra as I get older: Find the things that are too big, and then go do them. I feel like when you have a little girl, that’s your responsibility. You have to teach her things like that. You’ve got to go find what scares you, and do it anyway.

More: How old is your daughter now?
MP: She’s four, and she’s so proud. She wore my medal around for days after the race.

More: How long did you train for the race?
MP: I probably trained two hours a day for three months. I’ve done triathlons for the past two seasons, so I’ve been training. But intensely training for New York? Three months.

More: What was your routine like?
MP: It looks like a lot of swimming, biking and running [laughs]. Then I put yoga in with it. Normally I’m not a yoga girl, but there’s this yoga that just started called CorePower Yoga. It’s a little bit more of a workout yoga, so it interests me more. Yoga seems very quiet and stretchy to me, and this one involves stretching and working out at the same time.

More: Do you practice all three triathlon activities at once?
MP: No, you don’t. It’s strange, but you don’t. You practice running and biking in succession. These are called brick workouts. After you bike for 25 miles, your legs feel like jelly. To run right after that is pretty tough. Once you get going, it’s OK.

More: Was it easy finding the time to train?
MP: No! I had to get up at five in the morning because have a four-year-old. I have to be up before her and then take her to preschool. Everything for a mama has to happen before everyone else wakes up. That’s just a rule.

First Published August 26, 2011

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