'Salam Rugby' Looks at Women Rugby Players in Iran

The award-winning film will soon be available on demand and on DVD.

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

When you think of Iran, women playing sports probably isn’t the first image that pops into your mind, but the documentary film Salam Rugby is placing a spotlight on female athletics in the male-dominated society.

The movie, directed and produced by Faramazh Beheshti, has been acquired for international distribution by ID Communications, according to a release, giving a wider audience the chance to see the award-winning film, which follows the playing of rugby as an “experiment” for women in the country.

“The film takes us on a 7,000 km [4,350 mile] voyage inside the lives of women who play on, despite the restrictions imposed on them by the government, and a fresh perspective on what it is to live under Sharia law,” Dan Shannon, ID’s principal, says in the release.

Look for the film to be available soon on 411films.com via video on demand and DVD.

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First Published January 18, 2012

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