Screenwriter Goes Spooky in Her New Mystery Novel, 'Jane Was Here'

After four decades in the movie business, Sarah Kernochan found her bliss writing a book about reincarnation and dark karma

By Jessica Testa
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SK: I think it’s more plotted as a mystery. It was conceived as a puzzle. I can’t think of any other paranormal books that are this sort of interlocking jigsaw, which to me is how I see karma and reincarnation—I do see it that way, as a beautiful puzzle that we only understand a little tiny fraction of.

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SK: I’m in the middle of a script now, but these things are so transient. I’m going to be writing another script soon, but this time with my daughter. It’s a mother-daughter comedy.

It’s important not to look self-consciously to the future, but to simply do the work that’s in front of you, without looking up. Time will unroll at it’s own speed, but as long as you’re doing something which engages you in the moment, you will be happy.

I think that’s why older women like gardening so much. It’s a project and it necessitates your attention and it’s a great pleasure to grow things. Simply do the work in front of you with pleasure, or take the trip that you’ve always wanted to take without thinking of it ending.

Jane Was Here is available for purchase in hardback or digital copy at and other online retailers.

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First Published June 29, 2011

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