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Test-driving the discount–coupon sites

by Linda Yellin
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Photograph: Illustration: Jonathan Carlson

I tangoed my way back to Yipit, where I bought a “skintightening” treatment at Bio-SkinErgy Laser Center (value: $350; deal: $99). The receptionist-technician (first she answers phones, and then she heats up the laser) informed me I’d need four to six treatments, and they were conveniently on sale for $200 each. Midtreatment, she told me if I signed up today, they’d cost $100 each. It’s difficult to feel pampered while somebody with a hot object in her hand is wheeling and dealing.

If you decide to check out the Groupons of the world, I suggest you set up an alter-native e-mail address so your inbox won’t be clogged with offers. Also good to know: Some deals require a minimum number of participants. And you’re expected to tip on the full value of the service. But after all that coupon-enabled dancing, drinking and spa-ing, my personal pamper meter is way up, and I saved more than $500. I could have saved more, but I’m still not opting for that colonic. 


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Originally published in the April 2012 issue

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