Switching Career Gears

How two friends turned one treasured family recipe into a best-selling cookie

by Terri Slater
Irene and Joan received the "Outstanding Cookie" award at the Fancy Food Show, June 2010.
Photograph: Effie's Homemade

When asked about their greatest challenges, they are quick to explain that they both came from the service businesses.  “We never had to move a product from one location to another” says Irene. “Inventory, shipping, and distribution were all new to us, and to be honest, it’s still a bit daunting.”

And as for their greatest reward, that’s simple “We’re so relieved that the company is now financially sustainable and we can finally pay ourselves” says Joan.  Effie’s Homemade is on track to do a $1 million in sales this year.

What’s next for Effie’s? Joan and Irene have several ideas brewing for new products but one thing is for sure they will continue to build upon the company’s reputation for unique baked good, always wholesome, always all-natural and always simply delicious.
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