The (Second) Perfect Sandal

Our fashion director's new summer sandal replaces her beloved yet worn-out pair

by Regina Haymes • Fashion Director
madewell shoes
Photograph: Madewell

About six years ago, I bought a Kors shoe I could not part with. It was a brown huarache with a woven wedge heel that went with everything, from my light summer dresses to shorts and a T-shirt. It was the only shoe that never gave my feet painful blisters after a long winter of being safely protected by socks.

Sadly, my beloved shoes are wearing out, and as a result, I’m stressing out. Nothing I see in boutiques or department stores is a worthy replacement.

But last week I wandered into the new Madewell flagship store on 19th Street and Fifth Avenue and struck gold when I spotted the leather Sahara Sandal. I was nervous about trying them on because I was hoping they would live up to my Kors comfort expectations.

And voilà, they far surpassed it. I felt like I was walking on air!  Better than the flip-flops I walked in with. They also look great with my Goldmine clipboard shorts

I couldn’t wait to run home and “donate” the Kors shoe that was starting to cramp my style.

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First Published May 11, 2011

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