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Selecting a Slipcover

Selecting a Slipcover

A good sofa is one of your best investments and while your frame is holding up, the fabric may be a little dull. While you decide if you are going reupholster or purchase a new sofa, a ready-made slipcover may be just the solution you are looking for. But don’t depend on them to make your sofa a showpiece in the room. Instead, they help the sofa become a neat and updated backdrop. Decorating is a balance of drawing attention toward the most interesting items and away from the less impressive ones. Slipcovers can help with the latter.

My professional advice:

  • Stick to a fabric that is solid or striped for large pieces. The floral patterns that most companies carry are not outstanding and are going to draw too much attention. Patterns are good for smaller accent pieces like ottomans.
  • Measure carefully. You will get a much better fit.
  • Consider style. The styles that come with a separate seat cushion look less like a slipcover and the more form-fitting ones will have a more contemporary feel.
  • Pillows! Pillows are going to be the critical finishing touch. Spend a bit more on them and get something really colorful or patterned. That way the slipcover is just the backdrop.

Pottery Barn sells slipcovers of two varieties. First, you have the custom fit slipcovers that are purchased with the furniture and fit perfectly. Then you have the loose-fit slipcovers, which is what we are talking about here. Their loose-fit sofa covers have some stand-out details like box-pleating yet their prices are competitive with other manufacturers.

SureFit also carries a wide selection of ready-made slipcovers. They carry covers for sofas, chairs, recliners, dining chairs, ottomans and folding chairs and their Easy Fit Center has short videos and measuring guides. They also have a swatch service (which I always recommend taking advantage of) to make sure you get the color selection right.  

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

Photo courtesy of My Design Secrets