Show Us Your Smarts--And Win $10,000

by Lesley Jane Seymour • Editor-in-Chief

I know you have an opinion about every page in the magazine. Now's your chance to vent--by taking our online survey. It's simple. After you've read the September 2012 issue, click here to tell me what you think--and to enter to win $10,000. Please note: Complaints are as welcome as compliments. Really! Because knowing more about your reactions--whether positive or negative--is what helps me make the magazine better.

--Lesley Jane Seymour, MORE Editor-in-Chief

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Rita Crouch09.30.2012

I was excited about sharing my thoughts and opinions about, what I believe, is one of the most forward thinking magazines for women on the market. I attempted to submit my thoughts and ideas about the September edition of More magazine per the instructions on pg. 163 of the September issue. The survey to share my thoughts and to be entered in the $10,000 sweepstakes was closed. I checked the dates and times and it seems that the survey was closed prematurely for me and many others in my time zone. I submitted my grievance regarding the incident along with a screen shot of the date and time of the survey being closed to the Meredith Corporation for ethics review. I hope I have made a grave error and I am misreading something incorrectly. If in fact that is the case, I will gladly recant and apologize for any negative reproach my complaint may have caused. Thank you for publishing a magazine that is worthwhile and shares the ideas and concerns of women everywhere.

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