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by Lesley Jane Seymour • Editor-in-Chief

I know you have an opinion about every page in the magazine. Now's your chance to vent--by taking our online survey. It's simple. After you've read the September 2013 issue, click here to tell me what you think--and to enter to win $10,000. Please note: Complaints are as welcome as compliments. Really! Because knowing more about your reactions--whether positive or negative--is what helps me make the magazine better.

--Lesley Jane Seymour, MORE Editor-in-Chief

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Eileen Sedacca11.04.2013

I have always loved the articles in More that were directed at 40+ women. In recent issues I have seen the younger age group addressed and more models that look like younger women. One of the reasons I loved this magazine is because of the focus on the aging woman. There are plenty of magazines directed at 30 year old women. If they love More they can read it anyway. My other issue is that the clothing and accessories featured in the magazine have taken a turn to the very expensive. How many average 40-50 year old women can afford a $450 blouse or skirt, or a $1,400 plaid coat. Certainly not me. The things I have always relied on in More do not seem to be the same as the things I am getting. How about comparing the more expense clothing and accessories to the less expensive variety so the average person can relate. The articles are still good although some are starting to feel like a little more fluff than substance. I just renewed my subscription along with two gift subscriptions to 50+ aged woman. I hope you keep directing your information to our age group. thanks for listening.

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