Why You Should Learn to Talk Dirty

Study finds sexual communication is key to sexual satisfaction

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Let’s talk about sex, baby. No, for real. It will improve your time between the sheets.

LiveScience reports that a new study shows being able to talk about sex during sex makes for better sex. In other words: Talk dirty to me.

“Even if you just have a little bit of anxiety about the communication, that affects whether you’re communicating or not, but it also directly affected their satisfaction,” Elizabeth Babin, one of the researchers and a health communication expert, tells the website.

And if you’re just too shy, nonverbal communication works, too, Babin tells LiveScience.

“It could be perceived as being less threatening, so it might be easier to moan or to move in a certain way to communicate that I’m enjoying the sexual encounter than to say, ‘Hey, this feels really good, I like that,’ ” she tells the website. “That might seem too direct for some people.”

Pillow talk just took on a whole new meaning.

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